Conventicula Latine

My students often ask me if it is possible to speak Latin, and my answer is always, “Of course! Romans spoke Latin and some of them were quite stupid.”  Still, most of them have this idea that because Latin is a dead language, no one speaks it (or can).  It’s a dead language because it’s no one’s first, or native, language.  As evidence of Latin speakers (more numerous than Yeti or Bigfoot, I swear), I’m compiling a list of Conventicula.   A Conventiculum is a convention where all sorts of folks practice conversing and using everyday Latin.

University of Kentucky has a conventiculum and seminars.
Dickinson College in Pennsylvania has a conventiculum and a workshop.
UMass Boston
University of Buffalo
Wenatchee Valley College in Washington

Not only is Latin alive in the words and phrases around us every day (not to mention architecture, philosophy, government, literature, etc), PEOPLE STILL SPEAK LATIN!  While there are no native speakers we can ask, “How do you say…” it is certainly possible to speak Latin.


About melius latine

Translating things that probably shouldn't be in Latin into Latin.
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